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Duties include greeting and assisting parishioners and visitors as they arrive, arranging volunteers for the weekly collection(s) and inviting persons to bring forward the gifts at Mass.  They are asked to assist in any emergency that might arise during the services.  Coordinator is Robert Greenberg. 

Altar Server

This ministry is open those currently in the 4th grade or higher.  Responsibilities include serving weekend Masses, Holy Day Masses, Holy Week Services, Weddings and various special celebrations.  High School age servers may be asked to assist with the training of younger servers or in the direction of special liturgies. Direction is given by Msgr. Moran and Father George. A Coordinator is sought to assist this ministry.


These ministers proclaim the Old and New Testament readings as well as the Prayers of the Faithful at weekend and Holy Day Masses.  Those to be confirmed in the Fall may also submit their names for consideration.  Training is provided by Kevin Creedon and Lisa Stepanski.  Coordinator is Kevin Creedon.


Sacristans prepare the sacred vessels and the bread and wine before each Mass. After Mass, they insure that the sacred vessels are ready for the next Mass. They may also set out vestments, prepare the liturgical books and assist with special celebrations. Carol Love is Coordinator.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion

Members of the Parish who have been confirmed and are in good standing can be invited by the Pastor to serve this most sacred ministry.  Duties include distributing Communion at weekend and Holy Day Masses. 

Extraordinary Ministersof the Holy Communion for the Homebound

These ministers visit the homes of members of our Parish who cannot otherwise attend Mass for the purpose of bringing them the Eucharist.  Ministers are also needed to visit our local nursing home one-hour each Wednesday morning.  Parishioners are invited to nominate Candidates to this ministry. Training is provided by one of the priests and through Archdiocesan workshops.


The Sexton is responsible for unlocking the Church for services, seeing that all facilities are open and functioning and assuring safe and clear access to the Church (for example the elevator, lights, walkways in Winter, etc.). The Sexton secures the Church when services have ended. Consider forming a group of friends to carry out this ministry. Speak with Leeanne Dickson for more information.




Music Ministries

We have a variety of ministries providing vocal and instrumental music for all our principal Masses.  Instrumentalists and singers are invited to assist all our present groups so that we might provide the music that good liturgy demands. Rehearsals are generally held once a week.  The Parish Music Director is Ian Kasarjian.

Funeral Service Team

This ministry provides for a more dignified and noble celebration of Funerals in the Parish. They prepare the Church to welcome the deceased and family. They serve the Mass, assisting the priest as needed. Training is provided by Dick Kerr.

Art and Environment

Volunteers are responsible for decorating the Church or Parish Center on a seasonal basis.  While Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter are the two principal seasons requiring attention, there are many seasons and celebrations during the Church Year that receive their help.  Volunteers can be accepted for one-time events as well. Coordinator is Jane Maloney.

Curators of Altar Linens

These ministers collect all used linens after Masses and properly clean, press and fold them for their next use, and return them to the sacristy.  Each serves one month a year and prepares the linens once a week during that time.  Instruction is given.


These ministers prepare items for Sacramental use such as the white Baptismal garments used in infant Baptism (about 80 a year). They may assist by repairing vestments or robes as needed and assisting with the preparation of other fabric items for the sanctuary. Coordinator is Jeanne Mahanna.

Homeless Ministry

Our Boston Homeless Ministry, led by Wayne and Sheila Marshall, go into Boston on Monday nights bringing meals and much needed clothing to our friends in Boston.  Donations of clothing, blankets and toiletries are always welcomed.  Donations can be left in Father Mara Hall.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Founded in 1948, the St. Vincent de Paul Society has strived to administer to the poor and needy of the parish. The work of the Vincentians is funded solely by the contributions deposited in the St. Vincent de Paul boxes at the exits of the church.


Medway Food Pantry

Please remember those who count on your generosity. Your donation of non-perishables can be left in the large wooden bin in Father Mara Hall. Your continued support is much needed and appreciated.





St. Vincent de Paul Society

Are you or someone you know in need of emergency assistance (food, utilities, housing)? Please call the Parish Center at (508) 533-7771 to leave a message and a Vincentian will get back to you.